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Inspiring Discovery Kefalonia Excursion

Inspiring Discovery

St. Gerasimos - Robola - Drogarati - Melissani - Ag. Efimia

Visit the Saint Gerasimos Monastery. Set in the Omala valley, known for its robola vineyeards, the monastery is large and majestic, with a splendid bell-tower, built in the architectural style pecular to the Ionian Islands. The Robola winery is located 400m from the monastery. Its most important product is the unique white Robola grape variety, from which the well known wine "Robola of Kefalonia" is produced.

Robola - Kefalonia Exursion

Next stop will be a miracle of nature: Drogarati Cave, which was crafted gradually by nature. Orange and yellow stalactites hang from the roof like curtains while vitreous stalagmites emerge to form spacious chambers. The tour will continue at the Cave-Lake of Melissani. Beautiful waters, honey-like brown walls and countless stalactites will take your breath away.

Drogkarati Cave - Kefalonia - ExcursionMelissani Lake - Kefalonia Excursion

The village of Agia Efimia is a picturesque fishing village with a well sheltered harbor and will be our final stop.

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